You'll save 4 toothpaste tubes.

  • Whether you are part of a large family. Or you live in pairs. Or that you live in a student house. Smyle refills (= refill packs) are available for all households.

    And the following applies: if you use them with your entire household, you save more tubes and we give more discounts!

    With two refill packs of 125 Toothpaste Tablets, two people can brush twice a day for two months. With three refills, three people can brush twice a day for 2 months. Anyway, you get the idea. Crush-Brush-Smyle!

    Our toothpaste tablets are packaged in recyclable and compostable cardboard or paper refill packaging materials and our Brush Mints are

    100% natural
    free from allergens
    gluten free
    free from micro-plastics
    Free and CO2 neutral delivered to your home!

    IMPORTANT: You save two tubes of toothpaste with each refill pack.

    Available with Fluoride and Fluoride free
    *Dentists recommend to use fluoride in your toothpaste.

    Why your current toothpaste is outdated?

    • Plastic tubes takes 400 years to biodegrade. This means that the first toothpaste tube you ever used as a child, still exists somewhere unless it was incinerated. Can you believe that?
    • And that's not all, most of these toothpastes contain microplastics,which causes serious pollution of waterways, beaches & oceans. This affects millions if not billions of ocean creatures’ lives.

    Smyle toothpaste tabs are all you need for sustainable brushing.

    • Plastic-free packaging
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Vegan & Gluten-free

    Switch to Smyle & make a difference!


    Plastic tubes saved so far!

Customer Reviews

Based on 361 reviews
Great product

After a few times brushing my teeth with the brush mints I got used to it and absolutely love them. I recently took them on a bikepacking trip which was amazing because you never have to be afraid of the mints spilling out and ruining the rest of your bag as conventional toothpaste would do.

Made me smyle 😉

Ive tried a few different toothpaste tabs, and i must say that smyle has the best ones. Easy to use, has a little foam and tastes really good. I love using this product and will stick with it.

very good

Nog niet eerder had ik tandpasta tabletjes gebruikt dus ik was heel benieuwd. Na 1 poetsbeurt was ik al gewend. Het schuimt minder, dat vind ik juist wel prettig en omdat je op de tabletjes kauwt verspreid je het meteen naar 2 kanten. Voorheen spuugde ik wel de helft van de tandpasta uit. Smaak is prima, lekker fris. Het geeft een fijn gevoel dat je zonder plastic te gebruiken je tanden kunt poetsen. Ik blijf gewoon lekker doorpoetsen met smyle.

Not going back to tubes.

I love how convenient they are and really am not seeing a reason why I should ever use toothpaste from a tube again. They have a lovely light flavour that leaves a fresh but not overpowering aftertaste. Using them makes my mouth feel cleaner and fresher than most toothpaste from tubes.

Great and easy switch

I am always looking at options to reduce my plastic consumption but still perform the task to the same or better standard. This product has certainly hit the mark right from the start with sustainable shipping, container and product.
The mint tablet itself gives a great clean although I am still getting used to the less minty taste and greatly reduced foam but that is just a change in habit from using toothpaste all my life.
Will definitely be reordering.

✓ Free CO2 Neutral Shipping  ✓ 100% Plastic-free ✓ Order before 5PM same day shipped


CRUSH a Mint with your teeth

BRUSH with a wet toothbrush

Rinse your mouth and SMYLE!

REPEAT at least twice a day


Reuse and recycle our packaging


We don’t do parcel/package deliveries.We only do mailbox deliveries.

Because the postmen delivers his post in envelops already in his traditional round, often via bike. We’re hitching a ride with him.  

Thus no extra mini-van or car driving to your home address is needed, avoiding CO2 emissions. 


Helps to clean and polish stains from your teeth

Restores the natural pH levels in your mouth to fight tooth decay

A plant based helper needed to press our mints

Helps to neutralize acids

Vitamine c 

A coco-extract that helps our mints to foam

Provide the answer to the question here.

Helps control bacteria that cause decay

A natural raw material of vegetable origin, a slightly sweet, white crystalline powder that gives a cooling sensation on dissolution in the mouth

Helps to remineralize your enamel

Brings a minty-fresh taste

Works well as a cleaning agent and naturally whitens teeth

Makes your breath menthol-fresh

Sodium Fluoride (1500 ppmF)