Brush Mints without chemicals and micro-plastics

Our Brush Mints offer excellent dental care, taste very fresh and minty, and are 100% natural. No chemical additives. No micro-plastics. Because that’s wrong and outdated. We need to get past that era. We only work with natural ingredients. Ingredients that do not exhaust our planet. That is what sustainability means.

It starts with small daily routines. 

You can only go big, when you care for the little things.

Reusable bottles

We use glass bottles for storage and refills for refilling them. Thus we help kick out plastic tubes! Our glass bottles look cool in your bathroom and are easy to use and refill. But what’s most important: they are totally recyclable.They can be reused time and time again and break down into sand at the end of their lifetime. 

Compostable cardboard refills

We use cardboard for our refill-package units containing 125 Brush Mints. This cardboard is recyclable up to 5 times and compostable.

This beats using plastic tubes.

And cardboard is very light to ship, meaning less CO2 emissions.

Mail box only, no parcel delivery

We don’t do parcel/package deliveries. We only do mailbox deliveries. As the postmen delivers his post in envelops already in his traditional round, often via bike, no CO2 is emitted. And we’re hitching a ride with him.  

No extra mini-van or car driving to your home is needed.

We ship CO2 neutral

We are partnering with Nic. Oud.

They have the PostNL certificate ‘CO2 neutral post- and package delivery’.

This means that they compensate all the CO2 emissions that are caused by their distribution activities.

Thus, all your Smyle deliveries are sent 100% CO2 neutral. And we’re proud about that!

Online often beats local on sustainability

Local stores need electricity. Products are shipped to them via freight trucks from central warehouses. This causes CO2 emissions. We only ship from our central warehouse to a postal center office. A big plus for online shopping.

People driving to their local store push emissions way up above home parcel deliveries. Urban dwellers, who walk or bike to their local store, save on these car-emissions. Smyle combines the CO2 emission savings from 1. NOT distributing and storing her products in local stores ànd 2. the CO2 emissions savings from walking or biking via postmen for home delivery.

Check for more background information this MIT study and this Dutch Retail Sustainability study.