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Enough natural toothpaste tabs for the whole family! What could be better than sustainable brushing? Cleaning sustainably together!!! With this package your family, student house, living group or any other family can clean up nicely! This way everyone gets the best oral care and we protect the planet together.

 Clean now even cheaper, brush together with Smyle
 The more refills, the more discount
Save 1 plastic tube every month
 Only natural ingredients
 Independently and Scientifically Tested on fluoride release by Amsterdam Academy of Dentistry
 100% vegan – PETA certified
 CO2 neutral delivered through the letterbox
  Also for sensitive teeth

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Knights
Wow! Game changer!

Light, compact and great for traveling. These leave my teeth feeling clean and fresh. Vegan and environmentally conscious. Been using these for the last 6 months. Highly recommend!

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CRUSH a Mint with your teeth

BRUSH with a wet toothbrush

Rinse your mouth and SMYLE!

REPEAT at least twice a day


Reuse and recycle our packaging


We don’t do parcel/package deliveries. We only do mailbox deliveries.

Because the postal workers deliver their post in envelopes already in their traditional round, often via bike. We’re hitching a ride with them.  

Thus no extra mini-van or car driving to your home address is needed, avoiding CO2 emissions. 


Brings sweetness to your brushing sessions

Kind to your teeth, but the natural enemy of plaque, food particles and stains

One of the ingredients that make up the unique Smyle flavour

This mineral is the guard that protects and strengthens your enamel.

Helps with remineralisation, so important in keeping your teeth healthy and strong!  

Creates just the right amount of natural foam for great brushing results

If you like white, stainless teeth, this ingredient is your friend

A versatile ingredient that helps remineralise and fights against cavities, weak spots, exposed roots and prevents early stages of tooth decay. 

Plant based, makes our tabs just solid enough for the perfect crush, brush, Smyle moment.

Another secret (not so secret anymore now) ingredient that’s part of our flavour.

More mint, more pleasure!

All natural sweetness

For that aftertaste and fresh breath we all love

Who doesn't like extra cooool peppermint flavour??

Is known to fight off bacteria, but mainly provides a nice flavour.