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It’s very easy!

1. Crush the Toothpaste Tab between your teeth

2. Brush with a wet toothbrush

3. Smyle!

Repeat at least twice a day!

We only use natural ingredients. No sulfates, parabens, allergens, dyes or any other chemical.

Ingredients we use: 

Calcium Carbonate: Helps to clean and polish stains from your teeth

Xylitol: Restores the natural pH levels in your mouth to fight tooth decay

Magnesium Stearate: A plant based helper needed to press our mints

Sodium Bicarbonate: Helps to neutralize acids

Sodium Cocoyl Iselthionate: A coco-extract that helps our mints to foam

Croscarmellose Sodium: Helps the disintegration of our mint in your mouth

Aloe Vera: Helps control bacteria that cause decay

Acacium Gum: Helps to remineralize your enamel

Pepper Mint: Brings a minty-fresh taste

Eucalyptus: Makes your breath menthol-fresh

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We ship all worldwide!

We ship for free Worldwide, from our warehouse in The Netherlands.
If you order before 5 pm we ship your Smyles the same day. We ship through letterbox mail.
Estimated delivery times:
Netherlands 1 day
Rest of Europe 5-10 days
Rest of the world 7-15 days

We ship through letterbox mail. We’re hitching a (bike) ride with the letterbox post of the postmen for the last mile. Next to that, we compensate the total CO2 emission for the full shipping trajectory, jointly with our partner Nic. Oud. Want to know more about our sustainability? Check HERE.

Yes, they do. And we partner with the Academy for Dentistry in Amsterdam, one of the renowned dentistry centers in the world, for further development of different types of our Toothpaste Tabs.

When 1 person brushes his/her teeth twice a day, using a regular 75 ml toothpaste tube, 1 toothpaste tube is used every month.

So, you can save our environment from a lot of tubes! By the way, did you know plastic toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled?

You can. Just go to our FAQ HERE.