July is the official pride month. By now it is already August... Time goes fast, doesn't it? Here at our office in Amsterdam, Pride will still be celebrated in full during the week of Saturday, July 30 through Sunday, August 7. This year's theme is: ''My gender, my Pride.'' This week there are still plenty of fun events to visit. Just think of the annual Pride Walk and let's not forget the fantastic Canal Pride! To celebrate, we have a fun surprise especially for our Smylers.

Smyle stands behind the LGBT+ community and we have therefore released our Pride Limited Edition, which is available in the webshop! We are happy to support an LGBT+ focused non-profit with 10% of the sales! 

No matter what colour of flag you represent, let's make this edition of Pride the greenest ever! With the Smyle Pride Special Pack you'll always be fresh for the day, you'll have a nice Pride souvenir in your bathroom and you'll switch to totally sustainable toothbrushing.

Because everyone deserves a Smyle 🌈😁