Toothpaste tabs, dental tabs, eco-tabs, what’s in a name?


In case you hadn’t heard, at Smyle we make toothpaste in the shape of a little tablet. This means you can now brush your teeth without using a bunch of damaging plastic tubes. Your regular mailman delivers the tablets at your home, completely CO2 neutral. You then store these all-natural toothpaste tabs in a beautiful glass bottle, and you’ll never have to go to the shop for toothpaste again!

But what’s the official name for toothpaste that’s pressed into a tablet? In our own community we hear a lot of different names circulating. From the obvious toothpaste tab and dental tablet, to brush mint, eco-tab or even brush pill!

We feel that pill sounds a little harsh, who wants to take a brush pill twice every day? Mint on the other hand makes us happy because it reminds us of candy, but it isn’t exactly the healthiest thing for your teeth. So we dropped that name as well.

After a lot of deliberation and many brainstorm sessions, we decided to keep it simple. What are we making? Tablets. What’s in the tablets? Toothpaste. So let’s not complicate things unnecessarily. If you choose Smyle Toothpaste Tabs, you’re choosing the most sustainable, eco friendly toothpaste tab available. You’ll also help us prevent as many plastic tubes as possible from ending up in incinerators, on landfills, or in our waterways.

However, if you come up with a new name for our toothpaste that is better than toothpaste tab, you’ll win a life-long supply of brushing, or a free elephant.