Here at our office, the atmosphere is always good, but lately there is an extra positive spark in the air. We are getting close to reaching the top, getting our so-called B Corp certificate. Companies that have proven to have organised their business operations in a sustainable manner can acquire this label. The profit they make has a positive impact on the environment and society, since they invest their money in a proper way. Dutch companies such as Dopper, Tony's Chocolonely, and Wetransfer have already gone before us. According to the mandatory self-assessment, carried out under the professional guidance of a B Corp partner, we already meet the requirements. Now it’s just a matter of time, the waiting list for the certification can take up to 9 to 12 months.


About B Corporation

B Corp is a quality mark founded in 2006 by B lab, an American non-profit. European countries have been able to register since 2015. B lab looks at whether a company meets several high standards. Not only the products, but the entire business is assessed based on five key points: sustainability, labour law, transparency, customers, community. With the certificate, a company shows that in addition to profit, people, the environment and society are also priorities. And that is exactly why B Corp fits us very well. Indeed, the values they assess are the reasons why we founded Smyle. So we and other companies are eagerly queuing up to become a B Corp and prove ourselves in all transparency.


"B Corps use their profits and growth to have a positive impact on their employees, communities, and the environment."


A broad Smyle

Every morning we get up early to work hard and find new ways to make a more positive impact for you, us and the world. It's a cliché by now, but there really is no Planet B. Therefore, with our products and initiatives, we try to positively stimulate as many people as possible to make better, healthier and more sustainable choices. By doing so, we are all kinder to the planet, there are more and better alternatives in the Smyle range. Recently, floss and mouthwash, for example, have been added. If we all make a contribution, even the smallest ones, help us forward to let us enjoy the beauty of our planet with a broad Smyle. Would you like that too?