Does a toothpaste tab work just as well?


We get asked a lot is whether toothpaste tabs work just as good as regular toothpaste.

Our standard answer is: they work even better. Let us explain!

Why Dental and oral care is important

Dental and oral health is vital for your overall health and well-being. Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental cavities and gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis). It has also been linked by, amongst others, the World Health Organization to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes; check it here.

How toothpaste helps

Toothpaste helps fight cavities and gum disease by cleaning your teeth and removing unwanted bacteria. Since we discovered that fluoride also helps your oral hygiene, we’ve put fluoride in toothpaste as well. 

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in rocks, water and plants, and it helps to rebuild weak tooth enamel, prevent tooth decay and has an anti-bacterial effect.

Why Smyle is better than toothpaste

There are three reasons why Smyle is better than toothpaste; set aside the environmental impact.

1. We actually scientifically test our ‘toothpaste’ whether it works. And it does. (But almost nobody else does these tests anymore)

We test with several institutions whether our tabs do their job. Something a lot of toothpaste- ànd tab-companies simply don’t do. By the way, the public thinks everybody tests. Well, they don’t. 

The proven optimal level of fluoride is below 1500 parts per million. We test with the Academy of Dentistry in Amsterdam whether our 1450 ppm level comes free from our tabs and can do its job. It does.

Therametric Technologies has tested that we have an excellent RDA score (=abrasivitity level) of 115, just on the threshold of regular toothpaste and whitening toothpaste, claiming the effect of both. 

Check it here. So you know Smyle works.

2. We use hydroxyapatite, an extra remineralising compound that increases the efficacy of our tabs

We have added hydroxyapatite in our fluoride and non-fluoride ‘toothpaste’. Our bones and enamel primarily exist out of hydroxyapatite. Just like fluoride, it helps remineralise enamel, but it also closes off small channels (dentinal tubules) to the nerves in our teeth, helping to fight sensitivity. And as it does so, it whitens our teeth, as it is the same material our teeth exist from. And it does not kill bacteria as fluoride does; it only prevents harmful bacteria from doing their bad work.

The biggest advantage of using toothpaste with hydroxyapatite is that it also remineralises your teeth. Ad it does so without the side effects some see with using fluoride. We combine it with fluoride for strong double protection. And in our fluoride-free toothpaste, well, you’ve still got protection.

3. We don’t use microplastics, plasticides, preservatives, artificial colouring and foaming agents (sulphates and parabens). They do not contribute to oral hygiene.

Set aside the environmental aspect, using the ingredients mentioned here is NOT HEALTHY, and they do not contribute anything. And almost all have been linked to cancer and all other kinds of diseases and harmful effects. 

Just to highlight this: almost 60% of toothpaste contains microplastics. Nearly all big household brand names use them cheaply abrasive and for nice visual effects. Now even the Dutch governments started last year with an extensive research project on the impact of microplastics on our immune system, alarmed as they are after first publications on harmful effects. We hope everybody takes notice. Check it here.

These are the three reasons why Smyle toothpaste tabs work better than toothpaste. 

And in addition: environmental reasons show Smyle is better

In addition, by using Smyle we save our environment from pollution from plastic tubes, microplastics and harmful substances. Not only when we discard them, but also when we produce and use them.

And we prevent the waste of water. There is no water needed in a tab! In toothpaste, 40-50% is water. 

So that’s why Smyle is better than toothpaste!