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Optimal protection

Our tablets are tested by the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). They have determined that the amount of fluoride released is equal to or more than the amount in 'normal' toothpaste. We use the optimal 1450 parts per million fluoride.

The action of fluoride is further enhanced by the hydroxyapatite. That protects just like fluoride, but is a tooth-specific material. In addition, it closes the 'dentinal tubules' (small channels) to your nerves, so that there is less chance of sensitive teeth. It also has a whitening effect.


Abrasives are used in toothpastes to remove plaque and staining. Smyle has an RDA (relative dentin abrasiveness) of 115 (see here).

All values ​​below 250 are considered safe for a lifetime of use, according to the international standard of the American Dental Association (ADA).

An RDA value of 115 is very safe and is a comparable value to a medium toothpaste / whitening toothpaste.