Why Smyle is the best eco toothpaste tablet


To answer this question properly, we should start by explaining what ‘sustainable’ means to us. We want to make the most eco-friendly toothpaste tablet in the universe, so we’ll have to step up when it comes to our packaging and distribution as well.

This means that Smyle tabs are the best choice for you, your little white choppers, and for the planet! We use only natural ingredients and our packaging can be recycled. This makes Smyle by far the most sustainable tab for your teeth.

And not a minute too soon! Each year we use billions of plastic tubes, filled with chemicals and unhealthy microplastics. Because of their composition and the toothpaste that remains inside, these tubes are hardly recyclable.

All these harmful chemicals end up on landfills, in waterways, or in incinerators. Microplastics that find their way into nature often take hundreds of years to decompose, and end up in our food chains, which doesn’t exactly sound tasty! And let’s not forget that plastic is made of oil, and who loves oil?

Obviously, eco toothpaste won’t solve all our ecological problems overnight. But we believe strongly that positive ideas lead to more positive ideas and progress.

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