Smyle is PETA-Approved!


We can announce with pride that all our products are fully cruelty-free and vegan. This means that Smyle products aren’t tested on animals and do not contain any ingredients that come from animals. This is something we are very proud of naturally!

About PETA

So what’s PETA? PETA stands for: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and was founded in 1993. It’s a charity acknowledged by the Dutch tax authorities and the biggest animal-organisation in the world. 

PETA lays its focus on the protection of animal rights. They are committed to end animal exploitation like experimenting with animals, abuse and more: wearing (fur etc) and use for entertainment.

Why is this so important for SMYLE?

It’s not standard that products are vegan and animal-friendly. This also applies to toothpaste; without you knowing it or realising it, there are also animal ingredients in ordinary toothpaste. Completely unnecessary if you ask us. We are convinced that any form of abuse isn’t necessary for toothpaste. That is why it is standard at Smyle that our products are vegan and free from animal testing! This way we guarantee that our products are good for you, the planet and the animals on earth! 

An example:

A lot of toothpastes contain glycerin. Glycerine is a commonly used pigment derived from animal oil. Glycerin is a clear pigment that holds water very well. The pigment is odourless, sweet in taste and is often used as solvent and or thickener. In food, glycerin is designated as E422. 

Did you know that…

… no animal tests have been carried out on care and cosmetic products in the Netherlands since 1996?

… animal testing is still allowed in some countries

… non-PETA approved products are sold in Dutch shops?

… Smyle products are a great solution?

We make the world Smyle with our PETA approved products :) Look at our PETA report here