5 Reasons why not to buy Smyle

  1. Tabs don’t clean as well as regular paste.

Are you kiddin’? The all natural ingredients in our tabs protect your teeth equally well if not better than regular paste. We work with dentists and dental professionals to make sure they do. And, not only do our tabs clean your teeth, they also protect the big blue sphere you live on!

  1. Tabs are difficult to use.

If you can say crush, brush, smyle, you can use our tabs. We promise! Unless you’re a lizard, or maybe a cobra, or a grasshopper… No opposable thumbs, you know. They can’t open the glass refill bottle. 

  1. Tabs don’t give me a fresh breath like ordinary paste does.

It actually does, and with natural ingredients! The eucalyptus and peppermint makes your breath super fresco. We heard about one Smyler breathing into a cup of hot tea, and it froze solid!  

  1. I’m stuck with a subscription

If you subscribe, you can cancel anytime you want! No obligations, no stress! If you don’t want to subscribe, you can simply order our tabs whenever you want. 

  1. Shipping is not sustainable 

We send out all our packages CO2 neutrally, via regular, local mail. Obviously, making and shipping the tabs requires some form of energy, as does every item in our lives, especially regular toothpaste.


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