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  • Mouthwash Tablets - Bottle
    All the freshness you expect from top quality mouthwash, without the unnecessary added water or the plastic bottle you never asked for.

    Just like our toothpaste tabs, Smyle mouthwash tabs:

    • contain exclusively natural ingredients
    • catch a CO2 neutral ride with the regular mail
    • 50 tabs in a glass storage bottle
    • stay fresh in a sexy glass storage bottle
    • Are vegan and only tested on humans

      Our mouthwash removes bacteria that a toothbrush can’t reach, while natural peppermint and green tea make your breath fresher than a polar bear’s refrigerator.

      Using mouthwash tabs is easy like Sunday morning. Simply crush the tab with your teeth, let it swirl and let the magic begin!

      You save 2 plastic bottles of mouthwash. CO2 neutral delivery in all European countries.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 396 reviews
    Veselin Andreev
    Fluoride content

    Good afternoon, would it be possible to say how much fluoride is in one tablet (PPM)? Approximately of course :)

    Our tabs contain 1450 ppm fluoride, which is exactly the amount that make dentists happy! Read more about what dentists say about fluoride: https://www.fdiworlddental.org/promoting-dental-health-through-fluoride-toothpaste

    Best travel mouthwash!

    Perfect addition to the toothpaste tabs, are you planning to offer refills and subscription service for the mouthwash tabs, too?

    Thank you for that great idea, Svenja! Yes, that would be perfect, I fully agree.
    We are currently researching a better refill procedure for the mouthwash tabs and as soon as this has been tested and approved we will move in that direction, I believe.

    Good product, but there are no refills available.

    I tried this mouthwash together with the starter pack and I must say that, overall, I am satisfied with it. It leaves a very fresh breath with a strong mint flavour, that I love. However, I give only four stars becuase, for the time being, it is not possible to buy only the refills, as it is for the toothpaste. So if I wanted to purchase the mouthwash again, I would receive a new bottle each time. Probably there is a reason for that, but I hope it will be possible in the future to buy the paper bag only.

    Hi Alberto, you are really fan of all our products and are using them! I agree with you on the refills and we are working hard on it, to make it possible. Unfortunately it takes some time, my apologies.

    Highly recommended!

    The starter pack is the best option for those who want to try and switch from traditional to plastic-free toothpaste. Only one bag of tablets is provided, so if you want to make just an attempt, this solution suits you. That's what I did and, after trying this product, I can say that it is definitely worth it! The tablets are easy to use, their flavour is pretty good and they give a sensation which is almost the same as the traditional toothpaste. Thanks to this product, I think I am going to replace for ever the traditional toothpaste, thus saving a lot of plastic!

    Hi Alberto,

    Wow, what a great detailed review! And thank you not only for loving our toothpaste tabs, but also for supporting our mission of less plastic in the environment.

    I'm a convert!

    I've been using these for about 6 months now and I'm a total convert. No more unrecyclable packaging! They're tasty and perfect for travelling.

    Thanks Angharad for your detailed review! Yes, especially for the holidays and travelling they are very nicely packed in the little travel tin.



    Sodium bicarbonate



    Acacia senegal gum

    Cocamidopropyl betaine

    Mentha arvensis leaf oil

    Magnesium Stearate



    Mentha piperita oil

    Camellia sinensis leaf extract