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  • 125 Toothpaste Tablets/pack

    Toothpaste Tablets - Refill
    This package contains 125 Toothpaste Tablets, enough for 2 months of brushing twice daily. The Mints travel in a completely plastic-free jacket and are all-natural, vegan and 100% plastic-free.

    Smyle Toothpaste Tablets do not contain: SLS, Microplastics or any other harsh chemicals

    You save 2 toothpaste tubes. Free and CO2 neutral delivery in all European countries.

    Available with fluoride and Fluoride free
    *Dentists recommend to use fluoride in your toothpaste.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 400 reviews
    Haupt Sandra
    Bin begeistert

    Ich bin erst skeptisch gewesen,
    Aber ich muss sagen ich bin echt überrascht.
    Ich fand die Probedose super um es auszuprobieren und ich würde es jeden empfehlen.
    Würde es jederzeit Kaufen

    Silke W.
    Erst skeptisch , aber überzeugt

    Hallo an alle , ich war ja anfangs was das Putzgefühl und danach die Frische im Mund angeht , etwas skeptisch. Aber ich muss sagen , es fühlt sich toll an und war vom ersten Putzen an , super . Ich bleibe dabei und erstaunlicher Weise konnte ich meinen Mann auch sofort mit überzeugen. Er wollte da erst gar nicht ran. Tolles Zähneputzen

    Buona qualità prezzo un po' alto

    Smile mi piace sia a livello di sapore che di efficacia, lo trovo solo un po' troppo caro.
    Per quanto 5 euro al mese se uno pensa sono pochi, in realtà a me un tubetto di dentifricio (convenzionale meno di 2 euro, biologico sui 5 euro) mi dura più di tre mesi.

    Brí Greene
    Love these tick tack tabs.

    I love these. Wish I’d been using them for years. I find them better than my regular toothpaste. Plus I like they don’t foam up too much and that they are not chalky or gritty which is what I was thinking when the tablets arrived. My teeth feel sssooo clean after using cos I feel toothpaste leaves a film.

    Peter Wood
    Absolutely fantastic

    The biggest benefits I have felt are the ability to travel with solid toothpaste in my carry-on bag on an aeroplane and now my son is eager to brush his teeth and without the mess and waste.

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    CRUSH a Mint with your teeth

    BRUSH with a wet toothbrush

    Rinse your mouth and SMYLE!

    REPEAT at least twice a day


    Reuse and recycle our packaging


    We don’t do parcel/package deliveries. We only do mailbox deliveries.

    Because the postal workers deliver their post in envelopes already in their traditional round, often via bike. We’re hitching a ride with them.  

    Thus no extra mini-van or car driving to your home address is needed, avoiding CO2 emissions. 


    Brings sweetness to your brushing sessions

    Kind to your teeth, but the natural enemy of plaque, food particles and stains

    One of the ingredients that make up the unique Smyle flavour

    This mineral is the guard that protects and strengthens your enamel.

    Helps with remineralisation, so important in keeping your teeth healthy and strong!  

    Creates just the right amount of natural foam for great brushing results

    If you like white, stainless teeth, this ingredient is your friend

    A versatile ingredient that helps remineralise and fights against cavities, weak spots, exposed roots and prevents early stages of tooth decay. 

    Plant based, makes our tabs just solid enough for the perfect crush, brush, Smyle moment.

    Another secret (not so secret anymore now) ingredient that’s part of our flavour.

    More mint, more pleasure!

    All natural sweetness

    For that aftertaste and fresh breath we all love

    Who doesn't like extra cooool peppermint flavour??

    Is known to fight off bacteria, but mainly provides a nice flavour.